Indian Hills Elementary School

Indian Hills Elementary School in Pocatello, Idaho

Indian Hills Elementary School

666 Cheyenne Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho  83204
Phone:  208-232-4086
Fax:  208-232-8986

Grades:  K–5
Mascot:  "The Cougars"


Population growth in the scenic South Pocatello area prompted the construction of a small elementary school with funds from the 1967 bond issue. The eight-clasroom school would cost just under $172,000, and amounted to a much smaller project than the other new school planned for the district: Chubbuck Elementary School. Growth continued in the south, however, and it wasn't long before major additions were underway.

Indian Hills is now one of the largest and most successful elementary schools in the district. Beautiful mountains play backdrop to this school, located in some of Pocatello's finest scenery. Only one school sits farther south than Indian Hills, and that is the new high school.


2011–2012 Academic Performance

Indian Hills Average District Average State Average
ISAT Reading Proficiency 97.2% 94.4% 93.2%
ISAT Math Proficiency 94.0% 89.3% 87.9%
ISAT Language Proficiency Goal Met Goal Met Goal Not Met