Pocatello Weather

Nestled in a high desert valley among the mountains of Eastern Idaho, Pocatello enjoys a dry four-season climate typical of the Intermountain West.



Pocatello averages about an inch of precipitation each month. So, while we're happy to show you real estate rain or shine, it's a lot more likely to shine than to rain. Spring is the wettest season, averaging about 1.2 inches/month, while summer is the driest at just 0.5 inches/month. As you can imagine, inclement summer weather is almost unheard of in Pocatello.

You can get by without owning an umbrella in Pocatello, but it's a good idea to drink your water and keep a bottle of skin lotion handy. The cool deseret climate provides spectacular sunsets in the summer and light, powdery snow in the winter—great for skiing and for shoveling. There are also fewer pests and insects to contend with than those found in more humid climates.

Pocatello sunset




You can expect cold temperatures and a snow storm by late October or early November, but the cold and snow don't stick until December. Temperatures hover in the 20s to 30s with a handful of sub-zero days each year. Even with the advent of high-efficiency gas furnaces, you'll find that nostalgia has kept the fireplace a common focal point in most new homes in Pocatello.



March, April, and May can get a little wet and windy, but the rain storms are short, and temperatures are wonderful with afternoon highs in the 60s and 70s. Keep a jacket handy for evening, though, as cool mountain air fills the valley each night.



Summer enters quickly and is the perfect event season with evening temperatures in the 70s and 80s and little chance of rain. Summer mornings are exhilarating, characterized by refreshing mountain air—ideal for walking. You'll definitely want to keep your air conditioning running during the day, however, as afternoon temperatures often reach the 90s with a few days hitting the 100s.



The colorful fall season marks a quick decline in temperature with September's highs in the mid-70s dropping to the low 60s in October. Intermittent evening snow begins, which generally melts during the day.