Pocatello Areas

Real estate in the Pocatello metro region is generally organized into seven major areas, as seen on the map. To learn about the characteristics of each area, click the map or follow the links below.


Pocatello Neighborhood Map


  • Buckskin.  Secluded mountain retreats.
  • Chubbuck.  Single-family subdivisions, townhouse/condominium complexes, mobile parks, and rural acreages.
  • Highland.  East-bench suburbia.
  • North Pocatello.  Single-family neighborhoods and mobile parks.
  • South Pocatello.  Scenic hillside and riverside neighborhoods; rural acreages.
  • University.  Modern residences in the foothills, mid-century homes on the original townsite, and dense rental housing.
  • West Pocatello.  West-bench neighborhoods and low-income starter homes.