Pocatello Utilities

Pocatello residents benefit from utility rates that are well below the national average. Refer to the guide below to know the utilitiy costs to expect in your Pocatello home.



Idaho Power

Electricity is provided to the area by Idaho Power. Based on 1,050 kWh of use per month, expect your average summer bill to be $94.34 and your average non-summer bill to be $85.71. As of June 1, 2016, the following rates apply to residential customers.


June–August September–May
Monthly service charge $5.00 $5.00
Energy charge, per kWh
First 800 kWh 8.57¢ 7.97¢
801–2,000 kWh 10.31¢ 8.78¢
Over 2,000 kWh 12.25¢ 9.73¢


Natural Gas

Intermountain Gas

Intermountain Gas delivers natural gas to Pocatello area residents. Expect to pay $48.24/month on average using a gas furnace and gas water heater. As of October 1, 2016, the following rates apply to residential customers:


April–November December–March
Monthly customer charge $2.50 $2.50
Commodity charge, per therm
Residential 1* $0.81491 $0.70235
Residential 2** $0.​65507 $0.​62144

* Residential 1 customers do NOT have both a natural gas furnace and a natural gas water heater (regardless of how many other gas appliances they have).
** Residential 2 customers have BOTH a natural gas furnace and a natural gas water heater.



City of Pocatello Utilities
City of Chubbuck Utilities

The City of Pocatello provides standard water/sewer/garbage services. As of October 1, 2016, a single-family home in Pocatello can expect the following monthly charges: a $11.75 flat fee for a 1-inch water line (rates vary for other sizes), $2.41 per 1,000 gallons of water used ($3.01 after 25,000 gallons), a $29.75 flat fee for sewer, and a $17.45 flat fee for garbage services (one 96-gallon receptacle).




CenturyLink® handles land-line phone service and also offers high-speed internet. For $49.00/month + taxes and fees, you get unlimited local and nationwide calling. CenturyLink® Pure Broadband™ service starts at $34.95/month for speeds up to 40 Mbps in available areas. Save when you bundle phone, internet, and/or DIRECTV® service on a single bill.


Cable TV/Internet/Internet Phone

Cable One

CableOne supplies cable TV, Internet, and phone services to your Pocatello home. Economy Cable TV costs $40.00/month, the Internet Starter Plan (100 Mbps) is $55/month, and Standard Phone is $25/month, but a variety of package deals offer big savings to new customers. Check the CableOne Web site for packages and additional information.


Satellite TV


DISH and DIRECTV® are the main competitors in the satellite TV market in Pocatello. Both offer a variety of packages with exciting channel lineups and premium add-ons. Be sure to consider the convenience of a DVR to record all of your favorite TV shows and make it easy to skip through commercials. Visit the DISH and DIRECTV® websites for the latest deals and up-to-date information.