Chubbuck Elementary School

Chubbuck Elementary School in Pocatello, Idaho

Chubbuck Elementary School

600 W. Chastain Drive
Chubbuck, Idaho  83202
Phone:  208-237-2271
Fax:  208-237-2292

Grades:  K–5
Mascot:  "The Panthers"


After the Village of Chubbuck was incorporated in the early 1950s with some 170 people, it soon became known as the fastest growing village in the state. By 1960, the village had grown nearly ten-fold to a population of 1,590. Serious planning for the community began a few years later to regulate growth and anticipate future needs. The school district also recognized the needs of this burgeoning community and planned an 18-room elementary school at a cost of about $470,000.

That school opened in 1968 as Chubbuck Elementary School and not a moment too soon. The population nearly doubled from 1960 to 1970, and by 1980, a whopping 7,052 people called Chubbuck home. School number two was soon put into the works, and it opened in 1985 as Ellis Elementary School. Middle school students and high school students are bused to Pocatello.


2011–2012 Academic Performance

Chubbuck Average District Average State Average
ISAT Reading Proficiency 92.9% 94.4% 93.2%
ISAT Math Proficiency 93.3% 89.3% 87.9%
ISAT Language Proficiency Goal Met Goal Met Goal Not Met