Hawthorne Middle School

Hawthorne Middle School in Pocatello, Idaho

Hawthorne Middle School

1025 W. Eldredge Road
Pocatello, Idaho  83201
Phone:  208-237-1680
Fax:  208-237-1682

Grades:  6–8
Mascot:  "The Hawks"


Hawthorne opened in September 1957 as a combined junior high/elementary school to serve students living in the North Pocatello area. By 1973, the elementary school established its own name, and two years later, received its own building at another site. The junior high took over the vacated portion of the old building.

Before Hawthorne opened, the school district had operated under a 6-2-4 plan, i.e. six years of elementary school, two years of junior high school, and four years of senior high school. With the additional space Hawthorne provided, the district switched to a 6-3-3 plan, retaining graduating 8th graders at the junior highs as 9th graders. Currently the school district sends 9th graders to the high schools again, so Hawthorne Junior High became Hawthorne Middle School to reflect the change.


2011–2012 Academic Performance

Hawthorne Average District Average State Average
ISAT Reading Proficiency 92.9% 94.4% 93.2%
ISAT Math Proficiency 86.7% 89.3% 87.9%
ISAT Language Proficiency Goal Met Goal Met Goal Not Met