Edahow Elementary School

Edahow Elementary School in Pocatello, Idaho

Edahow Elementary School

2020 Pocatello Creek Road
Pocatello, Idaho  83201
Phone:  208-233-1844
Fax:  208-239-7119

Grades:  K–5
Mascot:  "The Eagles"


The naming of Edahow Elementary School is rooted in local Indian folklore and means "light on the mountain." One such legend identifies the final resting place of Princess Edahow as the eerie ice mass found in the Shoshone Ice Caves, north of Twin Falls. The naming of Edahow was felt to be in keeping with the district's tradition of naming schools after historical characters and events in Idaho history.

In a variation of the interpretation of its name, Edahow has adopted the identity "Gem of the Mountains." Opened in 1965, this neighborhood elementary school serves students living on the southern side of the Highland hill. Serving the northern side of Highland is Gate City Elementary School, opened in 1982.


2011–2012 Academic Performance

Edahow Average District Average State Average
ISAT Reading Proficiency 96.8% 94.4% 93.2%
ISAT Math Proficiency 93.9% 89.3% 87.9%
ISAT Language Proficiency Goal Met Goal Met Goal Not Met