Idaho Museum of Natural History

Exterior photograph of the Idaho Museum of Natural History in Pocatello, Idaho

Idaho Museum of Natural History

5th Avenue & Dillon Street
Pocatello, Idaho  83201

Phone:  208-282-3317


Journey into ancient Idaho! At the Idaho Museum of Natural History (IMNH), you won't be touring trendy real estate or modern townhouses. You'll be transported to the past, surrounded by prehistoric dinosaur skeletons and Columbian Mammoth remains. You'll touch real fossils and artifacts discovered right here in Idaho. Families will love the hands-on Discovery Room where kids can handle specimens, play games, assemble puzzles, and even wear masks from around the world.

IMNH is the state's official natural history museum, offering collections in anthropology, paleontology, and the earth and life sciences. Seasonal and permanent exhibits keep the museum both changing and familiar. The museum store offers a delightful collection of souvenirs and keepsakes.